A Glimpse Into Our Expanding Distribution

A cornerstone of our business has always been stable supply and logistics, with that becoming more difficult to achieve for many it has allowed us to expand into new areas at an ever-increasing rate.

Far flung from Optical Media, which we of course remain as #1 in Europe and possibly the world, we have had resounding success with various IT products. Our core tenets of Quality, Consistency and Customer Service haven’t changed and have allowed us to impact new markets by delighting customers.

Featured are only a couple of our newly distributed products; but we’re sure you’ll be seeing lots of quality Zing Technology items in your day to day.

These Multi-purpose Headphones are perfect for sleeping, sports, relaxation, meditation – you name it! The Zing Headband will provide quality sound in comfort. Block out light as an eyemask, absorb sweat, keep your ears warm. Whatever the activity Zing has you covered.

Washable, Breathable, Comfortable and Durable – Made from extremely stretchable, durable and breathable fabric, the headband can be washed separately from the electrical internals allowing you to enjoy the headphones for longer.

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We’ve all been without power when we most needed it, we aim to change that with our new Solar Power Banks.

Featuring a huge 20,000mAh capacity you can charge an S20 more than 3 times over, and what’s more you’re not restricted to charging up the bank at an outlet, you can harness the power of the sun to charge on the go.

Waterproof, shockproof and compact, our Solar Power Banks can handle whatever you throw at them, year round.

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River Solutions Group Named Sole UK Solutions Provider for Imaging Pacs

London, UK, April 30th 2021 – Solutions specialist River Solutions Group has announced the formation of a key partnership with MS Nativate Systems which will see it, in combination with River Pro Audio (RPA – The Specialist Optical Media and Data Storage arm), support the medical imaging sector in the UK and Europe.

Leveraging RPA’s existing distribution network and key position in the medical imaging storage field, following their success with specialist storage media  Falcon Mediline, will enable a comprehensive support and integration service at all stages for existing and future DICOM partners.

MS Nativate Systems produces DicomBurn comprehensive system, including DICOM viewers and publishing, which integrates seamlessly with many disc producers. A trusted, powerful and affordable solution the world over.

RSG MD Joel Monger said:”We are thrilled with the recent partnership with Nativate Systems and will enjoy both the increased ability to support existing users and also the opportunity to bring further efficiency and savings to the growing imaging sector in the UK and Europe. We’re confident that DicomBurn offers the most powerful, comprehensive solution; especially in combination with the Falcon Mediline products and our expert solutions staff.”

Falcon Archival ISO/IEC 16963

Our next issue covers some extremely high quality accreditation issued by the ADTC laboratory in Japan.

ISO/IEC 16963:2017 specifies an accelerated ageing test method for estimating the lifetime of the retrievability of information stored on recordable or rewritable optical disks.

By placing optical disks under stressful conditions, the laboratory can estimate to a very high degree of accuracy the lifetime of optical media. Needless to say, to pass Century Archival testing products need to be manufactured to incredible standards.

Three Falcon products have been certified in century longevity tests, proving what we already knew, Falcon quality is amazing!

You can view the certificates below:

For any archival recommendations, pricing or queries, we’d be happy to help. Just contact us on 0208 311 7077 for expert advice, or alternatively email us at sales@riverproaudio.co.uk


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Rimage Maestro

Introducing Rimage Maestro – The First Ever Automated USB Publishing System

The Rimage Maestro is the first ever automated USB publishing system, developed by Rimage.

Unlike anything else on the market, it’s designed to assemble, write and print on USB devices on demand.

It’s absolutely perfect for Optical Media duplicators who are already familiar with publishing, this new system will allow for on demand, unique USB publishing, whether 1 or thousands!

The Printing unit of the Maestro is based on the Everest line of printers, which many of you will be familiar with. In essence the only physical difference is a specially designed printer tray to support the case modules.

This means that the Ribbon consumables will be the same, the quality of print will be maintained and Epson’s exceptional experience and optimisation of the print-quality will be available from day one!

The Maestro supports 256 bti AES encryption and WORM formats, which is especially important for Law Enforcement, Healthcare and other areas in which sensitive data and security is paramount.

If you’re interested in more information about the Rimage Maestro, register your interest here.

We’ll send updates on the system as well as incredible early adoption special offers and benefits.

Professional Advanced Cyanine Infographic

Falcon Launch the Highly Anticipated Advanced Cyanine CD-R; the True TY Alternative!

For a long time the industry has been without Taiyo-Yuden media, with TY having stopped manufacturing discs a number of years ago.

For a large portion of the industry this hasn’t mattered and Falcon Media, River Media or ACU-Disc have been an easy choice for quality; but for those who require incredible compatibility, particularly with OEM drives in vehicles, AIO systems, and audiophiles with classic equipment, this has posed a challenge.

Now there’s no need to choose niche compatibility over quality playback and archival duration. The Falcon Cyanine CD-R has it all!

The Best Quality

While many options exist for similar dyes in discs, that may boast of good compatibility, they simply cannot keep up with Falcon Media in terms of quality.

As the most modern factory to produce media in the world, Falcon Technologies International have invested huge sums of money into producing a state of the art factory, purpose built for manufacturing optical media, and they haven’t stopped reinvesting and improving upon their own records.

The new Cyanine CD-R is no exception, benefiting from extremely low error rates and the most stringent quality control processes, making them consistent, durable and the professionals choice.

The Best Compatibility

While disc quality is paramount for low error rates on recording, in which Falcon are a clear market leader, MID’s and dye choice are also primary components of compatibility.

As the original manufacturer of CD-R, Taiyo-Yuden discs were used by drive manufacturers as the standard with which to test drives. Of course, with drives optimised for reading and writing TY discs, they were the best to use!

By utilising the original Cyanine dyes, Falcon Media are able to emulate this and ensure that, even in older drives, they remain the best.

The Best Price

Despite there being no optical media that comes close to Falcon Media Cyanine discs in performance terms, you may be surprised to learn that they are still among the most affordable discs.

We’re able to offer such value both due to the efficient, modern manufacturing processes employed by Falcon and us, River Pro Audio, being the Exclusive Master Distributor.

Purchase or find more information today:

Smart White Cyanine

White Thermal Cyanine

Falcon Technologies International Hosts The Global Sales Managers And The Master Distributors

Falcon Technologies International recently hosted its Global Sales Managers and Master Distributors in its home Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah. We were delighted to welcome our Global Sales Managers responsible for the Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa and North-America territories together with our European Master Distributors, River Pro Audio, to discuss the latest developments, opportunities and innovations that make optical media the exciting and progressive industry that it is today. The entire FTI extended a very warm welcome to all the guests, who enjoyed the superb hospitality and fun activities including a Safari in Ras Al Khaimah desert.

We certainly had fun with the FTI team out in the UAE and we wish to extend our heartfelt thanks for the welcome shown and the amazing activities.

Not only that, but we were pleased to be shown once again around the factory and witness first hand all the new improvements and exciting new capabilities that FTI are rolling out. A truly impressive display and it’s no wonder that they produce the best media in the world!

An exceptionally informative meeting that will empower us to continue to offer the best advice and product to our valued customers.

We hope to be back soon!

Rimage Announcement – Everest II/III Ribbons Reach End of Life

Rimage have announced today that they are not renewing manufacturing for the Everest II and Everest III thermal ribbon consumables.

Production will cease in September this year (2018).

The Everest II and Everest III printers haven’t had official hardware support for a few years now, although in conjunction with Rimage we have continued to support as and when we can.

We here at River Pro Audio will continue to support all users of Everest II and Everest III’s by offering large trade-in discounts on new equipment, production outsourcing and by purchasing a large ribbon stock.

By stocking a significant number of ribbons over our norm, we hope to support users in the short-term with consumables. However we do recommend that users stock up as soon as possible on ribbon consumables as they are being sold quickly.

We also recommend contacting us for exceptional trade in offers available against the Rimage Professional 3410, Epson Discproducer Series, R-Quest NS-2100 Series and other Rimage machines.

For smaller users, outsourcing production may be more pertinent and we will be able to support you with a competitive duplication and replication service.

Please contact us on 0208 311 7077, or email us at marketing@riverproaudio.co.uk for more information.

River Solutions Group & Falcon Technologies International

River Pro Audio Named Sole Falcon Distributor For UK & Ireland

London, UK, February 1st 2018 – Optical Media storage specialist River Pro Audio has announced the formation of a key partnership with Falcon Technologies International (FTI) which will see it support the FTI’s new worldwide strategy to increase sales and distribution via closer cooperation with the key players in the global optical media industry.

FTI’s new strategy is a pro-active step towards adapting to the shifting market dynamics of the optical media industry, which have evolved in the last 2 years towards consolidation into a smaller number of larger market players within all major territories globally.

In Europe, FTI has entered into a master distribution agreement with River Pro Audio to cover UK and Ireland. The specialist knowledge, existing distribution network and the long-standing relationship each partner currently enjoys with FTI was a key factor in River Pro Audio’s selection as partners.

FTI CEO Michael Gutowski said: “River Pro Audio shares our professional focus, attitude and dedication to the high quality optical media market. We are exceptionally pleased to announce their exclusive distributor status in the UK and Ireland; these closer ties will ensure FTI’s products are at the top of the scale as regards quality and reliability.”

RPA MD Joel Monger said: “We are absolutely delighted with FTI distribution in the UK and Ireland. Myself and my team will ensure that Falcon Media products enjoy a leading market position as befits one of the most reliable and highest quality optical media manufacturers in the world. With our combined, unparalleled expertise in the optical media field, knowledge of the optical media market in the UK and Ireland and distribution of complimentary products, we’re confident Falcon will continue to increase its market share and solidify its status as the number one media in the world.”

Joel (River Solutions Group CEO) and Michael (Falcon Technologies International CEO)

Joel Monger (River Solutions Group CEO) and Michael Gutowski (Falcon Technologies International CEO) meet to finalise FTI UK & Ireland distribution partnership.

Falcon Media – The World’s Quality Leader In Optical Media

Nearly 2 years on from Taiyo Yuden’s departure from the optical media world, high-quality A-Grade, CD, DVD and BDR media is still very much in demand. However, in lieu of TY, the majority of that high quality market has moved to Falcon Technologies International (FTI).

For those of you who haven’t been keeping up to date; FTI have cemented themselves as one of the highest quality manufacturers of optical media in the world and through some excellent factory scaling have managed to fill the large gap in the market Taiyo Yuden left.

Founded back in 2004, relatively late in the optical media industry, FTI has grown rapidly, in part due to their modern facilities and quality aim; but also due to the knowledge of the experienced industry leaders that founded the company.

It’s no wonder that in TY’s absence, Falcon Media Professional and Archival sales have grown exponentially. Even at Taiyo Yuden’s peak FTI were considered their main competitor in terms of quality. With improvements in both specification, technology and manufacturing processes over the years they’ve even surpassed the legacy left behind by Taiyo Yuden.

From mastering facilities, duplication houses and archival specialists; companies the world over trust and rely on Falcon Media Professional and Archival products every day to secure their assets, distribute their products and ensure the highest possible quality is maintained.

Alongside our Falcon Media Professional and Archival products, River Media and ACU-Disc products, we hold the largest and most diverse stock in Europe of optical media, casing, professional duplication and publishing equipment and consumables – all at the very best pricing.

Please visit us at www.riverproaudio.co.uk; or contact us on 0208 311 7077 or sales@riverproaudio.co.uk, if you would like to speak to one of our account managers regarding any requirements, we will be happy to advise. We can ensure that you receive the best pricing and the best quality product.

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River Solutions Group Launch

Exciting news from River Pro Audio today as they’ve officially launched River eSolutions, a company devoted to producing bespoke, high quality software, apps, websites and integration services for public sector customers. This will become part of the River Solutions Group, alongside River Pro Audio.

There’s no need to panic as, in a press release from director Joel Monger, he makes very clear that this will not be replacing the services you currently enjoy from River Pro Audio.

We will of course be continuing with all of our current manufacturing and distribution, there will be no shortage of River and ACU products. I would like to stress this; unlike many others, we are very dedicated to you, our clients, and you’ll continue to receive the same industry leading service you know and love, with no interruption.

So, no change for River Pro Audio, but a whole host of services available from River eSolutions with the same focus on exemplary customer service and products; not to mention the 20% introductory discount on bespoke River eSolutions projects available to you.

You can find the press release here.

VOIP services are the current featured solution and, with savings of up to 80% to be had; as well as a whole host of powerful features and incredible resilience, paired with plug and play installation – it’s easy to see why!

You can find a summary of the solutions and services River eSolutions offer on their website, but don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information. You can get in touch today on 0208 819 7656, or alternatively, drop an email through to info@riveresolutions.co.uk.