River Solutions Group Launch

Exciting news from River Pro Audio today as they’ve officially launched River eSolutions, a company devoted to producing bespoke, high quality software, apps, websites and integration services for public sector customers. This will become part of the River Solutions Group, alongside River Pro Audio.

There’s no need to panic as, in a press release from director Joel Monger, he makes very clear that this will not be replacing the services you currently enjoy from River Pro Audio.

We will of course be continuing with all of our current manufacturing and distribution, there will be no shortage of River and ACU products. I would like to stress this; unlike many others, we are very dedicated to you, our clients, and you’ll continue to receive the same industry leading service you know and love, with no interruption.

So, no change for River Pro Audio, but a whole host of services available from River eSolutions with the same focus on exemplary customer service and products; not to mention the 20% introductory discount on bespoke River eSolutions projects available to you.

You can find the press release here.

VOIP services are the current featured solution and, with savings of up to 80% to be had; as well as a whole host of powerful features and incredible resilience, paired with plug and play installation – it’s easy to see why!

You can find a summary of the solutions and services River eSolutions offer on their website, but don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information. You can get in touch today on 0208 819 7656, or alternatively, drop an email through to info@riveresolutions.co.uk.