Rimage Maestro

Introducing Rimage Maestro – The First Ever Automated USB Publishing System

The Rimage Maestro is the first ever automated USB publishing system, developed by Rimage.

Unlike anything else on the market, it’s designed to assemble, write and print on USB devices on demand.

It’s absolutely perfect for Optical Media duplicators who are already familiar with publishing, this new system will allow for on demand, unique USB publishing, whether 1 or thousands!

The Printing unit of the Maestro is based on the Everest line of printers, which many of you will be familiar with. In essence the only physical difference is a specially designed printer tray to support the case modules.

This means that the Ribbon consumables will be the same, the quality of print will be maintained and Epson’s exceptional experience and optimisation of the print-quality will be available from day one!

The Maestro supports 256 bti AES encryption and WORM formats, which is especially important for Law Enforcement, Healthcare and other areas in which sensitive data and security is paramount.

If you’re interested in more information about the Rimage Maestro, register your interest here.

We’ll send updates on the system as well as incredible early adoption special offers and benefits.

Rimage Announcement – Everest II/III Ribbons Reach End of Life

Rimage have announced today that they are not renewing manufacturing for the Everest II and Everest III thermal ribbon consumables.

Production will cease in September this year (2018).

The Everest II and Everest III printers haven’t had official hardware support for a few years now, although in conjunction with Rimage we have continued to support as and when we can.

We here at River Pro Audio will continue to support all users of Everest II and Everest III’s by offering large trade-in discounts on new equipment, production outsourcing and by purchasing a large ribbon stock.

By stocking a significant number of ribbons over our norm, we hope to support users in the short-term with consumables. However we do recommend that users stock up as soon as possible on ribbon consumables as they are being sold quickly.

We also recommend contacting us for exceptional trade in offers available against the Rimage Professional 3410, Epson Discproducer Series, R-Quest NS-2100 Series and other Rimage machines.

For smaller users, outsourcing production may be more pertinent and we will be able to support you with a competitive duplication and replication service.

Please contact us on 0208 311 7077, or email us at marketing@riverproaudio.co.uk for more information.